1. How long does the audit normally take?

The audit is completely customized to fit your needs.  We will recommend a timeframe that works best for your team.  Advanced options such as customer and employee surveys, marketing materials reviews, as well as competition and market research may lengthen the overall process.

2. Which administrative staff and employees are involved in the process?

The key decision makers (CEO, operations and financial managers and marketing manager) are usually interviewed, along with other designated key employees.

3. How long after the audit is complete before my report is completed?

Depending on the breadth of the audit, your report can be ready in as little as 10 days.

4. What will the final report tell me?

Our report gives you an outsider’s perspective along with a professional marketing opinion, which can help improve areas that may be holding your company back from the success it deserves.  Improving your branding and marketing both internally and externally are vital in achieving growth.

All audits contain a SWOT analysis, market overview, competitive analysis, facilities analysis and employee engagement report.  A more complex audit might include customer, employee and vendor surveys, focus groups, etc.

5. What happens after the final report is delivered and reviewed?

After reviewing our summaries and suggestions to help grow your business to the next level, we will sit down and decide what the next steps are.  We will establish a comprehensive plan and timeframe and use the BrandAudit 360 as a roadmap to improve your brand and marketing strategies.  This is the fun part, where changes are made and results follow!